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As a valued member of the Missouri Forestkeepers Network, the Missouri Department of Conservation depends on you to be the “eyes of the forest”. Several times a year you will receive data requests, both through the mail and electronically (if you are signed up for emails). Once you complete your reports, simply select one of our great incentives and mail it in. Once the data is processed, you will receive your incentive (please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping, as occasionally we must replenish our incentives) and be able to view the data compilation(s) for each request. Click the links below to view the most recent data requests and compilations.

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Recent Data Reports & Summaries

Below are data compilations from all Mast Surveys turned in prior to October 15th (due date being October 1st).

Member Report Fall 2013

Mast Survey Data By County Fall 2013

Mast Survey Data By Name Fall 2013

Hickory Map 2013

Red oak Map 2013

White Oak Map 2013


Other data

Butternut Observations 2013
Fall 2012 Mast Survey Data
Tree Observations Summer 2012


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