Tree Information on Basics of Care, Planting and More

Tree Basics and Identification

50 Common Trees of Missouri
Conservation Trees and Shrubs
Lawn Reduction Tips
Missouri Rare Plants of Conservation Concern
Missouri Urban Trees
Missouri’s Most Irritating Plant Poison Ivy
Missouri’s Oaks and Hickories
Roots – the Invisible Tree

Urban Trees and Shrubs:

Tree Care and Health

Basic Pruning Guidelines
Constructing with Care – Protecting Trees During Construction
Don’t Top Your Tree
Homeowners Guide to Healthy Trees
Identify and Manage Hazardous Defects in Trees – Backyard Woods Tip Sheet
Mulch Guidesheet
Oak Decline and the Future of Missouri’s Forests
Prune Your Trees – Backyard Woods Tip Sheet
Roots the Invisible Tree
Tree Care After Storms
Tree Maintenance Timetable
Tree Owners Manual
Trees and Utility Lines I
Trees and Utility Lines II
Trees and Utility Lines III
Watering Trees

Tree pruning:

Forest Health News:

Tree Planting

Before You Order Tree Seedlings
Herbicides Commonly Used for Controlling Unwanted Trees
How to Plant a Tree
Planning Tree Windbreaks in Missouri
Plant Trees – Backyard Woods Tip Sheet
Purchasing Trees
Screens for Small Yards Guide
Tree Planting Breakthrough
Trees and Power Lines
Trees and Utility Lines
Weed Control Options in Tree Plantings
Windbreak and Shelterbelt Establishment
Windbreaks – Warm Cows and Cool Breezes


Central Region Seedling Guide for Native Prairie Plants – NRCS
Establishing Native Forbs Presentation
Management of Established Native Warm-Season Grass Stands
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Stockmen
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Wildlife
Prairie Seedling Guide

Special Forest Products

Grow and Collect Special Forest Products – Backyard Woods Tip Sheet
Growing Black Walnut for Nuts
Growing Chinese Chestnuts in Missouri
Growing Pecans in Missouri
Growing Shiitake Mushrooms