Missouri’s Wildlife

Missouri Wildlife

Amphibian Decline
Attract Butterflies
Attract Wildlife – Backyard Woods Tip Sheet
Bird Feeders
Bobwhite Quail Habitat Information
Butterfly Gardening and Conservation
Create a Bird-Friendly Habitat
Deer Feeding Preferences
Farm Buildings and Wildlife
Firewood and Wildlife Habitat Improvement
Forest Edge Wildlife Habitat
Forest Management and Bats
Integrating Agroforestry and Wildlife
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Wildlife
Nesting Boxes
Old Growth Forests and Wildlife
On The Edge – Managing Land for Bobwhite Quail
Patch Burn Grazing
Quail-Friendly Plants of the Midwest
Snags and Den Trees
Travel Lanes for Wildlife
Wildlife Management for Missouri Landowners
Wood Products and Wildlife in Missouri
Woodland Protection and Wildlife Management


Central Region Seedling Guide for Native Prairie Plants – NRCS
Establishing Native Forbs Presentation
Management of Established Native Warm-Season Grass Stands
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Stockmen
Native Warm-Season Grasses for Wildlife
Prairie Seedling Guide

Invasive Species Management

Aquatic Invasive Plants
Autumn Olive
Bush Honeysuckles
Chinese Yam
Curse of the Bush Honeysuckle
Emerald Ash Borer and Your Woodland
Feral Hogs
Garlic Mustard
Japanese Honeysuckle
Japanese Stiltgrass
Landscaping Alternatives to Invasive Plants
Old World Bluestems
Plants That Wont Stay Put
Purple Loosestrife
Reed Canary Grass
Sericea Lespedeza
Spotted Knapweed
Why Should I Care About Invasive Plants
Zebra Mussels

Urban Trees and Shrubs: